Sales, Marketing & Operations

Neon Square is a boutique sales and marketing agency with over 15 years of experience supporting owner-operated organisations and investors build revenue and growth.

Our consultants are from senior sales, marketing and operations backgrounds with experience building start-ups to growing mid-range, high-performance organisations.

We have an extensive network of technical talent to serve you in the expansive, ever confusing modern business economy. From traditional people management to the challenging ways of motivating millennials, we can support you in your growth and revenue goals.

As a business owner, we also understand your need for work-life balance, building your lifestyle and generally working smarter and not harder. Hands-on, willing to get involved, Neon Square consultants will work closely with you and your team to identify areas of improvement and support them to succeed.

Our core goal is to drive measurable results with initiatives to support your ultimate business and life goals. We will tailor our engagement from one-off projects to longer-term support of your customer retention, development and acquisition.

Most importantly, as a new Client, we would like to meet you, face to face, to discuss your company and understand the bigger picture. We are excited to hear about your business model, brand, real-life and digital presence. Life, business start-up, exit and retirement goals.

There is no secret most of us have all “Gone Surfing”, literally it’s only two hours a day! We manage a surf tourism and lifestyle brand now as a hobby business. Still, we have plenty of time to seek to identify areas where we can make a difference to your bottom-line profitability.

A great place to start is how your approach to the market, lead generation, sales conversion, service delivery and client retention. Please feel free to contact us for an informal and confidential chat, we are located in London, Ibiza and South West Sri Lanka for now.